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Contactless Washroom Solutions

The restrooms are one of the most high-risk places for any organization. Surfaces that are often handled can harbor bacteria and diseases, and recontaminating hands from contaminated
surfaces carries a number of potential dangers. Your needs are consistently satisfied to a high standard thanks to our creative selection of restroom solutions and attentive service. We supply:

  • Handwashing and sanitising solutions: Handsoap and Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
  • Hand Drying Solutions: Electric hand dryers, Paper towels Dispensers
  • Air Solutions: Air Freshener: Dispensers and Air Purifiers
  • Disposal solutions: Waste bins and waste disposal services

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What is hand hygiene and why is it important?
Hand hygiene refers to the cleanliness of your hands. It is important because clean hands reduce the risk of illnesses spreading. Unclean hands can lead to you contracting a variety of infectious illnesses as hands are the main pathway of bacteria and germs.
Which is better paper towels or hand dryers?
Paper towels and hand dryers offer different benefits so it is impossible to say one is objectively “better”. If you wish to compare our dryers with our paper towels then please
Why are washrooms a high risk area?
In the washroom, germs can be transmitted directly, indirectly or through the air, making it crucial to minimise their spread. • The one place everybody visits - All colleagues and many visitors will use the washroom during the day. • The one place with a bit of privacy - Where would you go to cough or sneeze. • Relaying on other people's behaviour - Did the person before you wash their hands? What did the person before you touch? • Surfaces that are ideal for Coronavirus - Coronavirus survives well on hard smooth surfaces.