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Medical Waste Disposal

First Hour is a company that provides medical waste disposal services for health-care facilities and households. They offer the following benefits:

• They collect and transport all types of medical waste, including biological waste*, sharps, and unused medications, in compliance with state and federal regulations.

• They disinfect and treat the waste using methods such as  incineration, or chemical sterilization, to ensure safety and environmental protection.

• They provide documentation and tracking of the waste from collection to disposal, to ensure accountability and transparency.

• They offer flexible and affordable pricing plans based on the volume and frequency of the waste generated.

*Please note that some types of biological waste, such as human tissues, organs, or body parts, may require special handling and disposal procedures. First Hour does not dispose of these types of waste. If you have any questions or concerns about the disposal of your medical waste, please contact us for more information and guidance.

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Why is clinical waste hazardous?
Much of the medical waste that is produced by healthcare practices is infectious, putting those who come into contact with the waste into possible harm via virus transmission. Sharps waste poses a particular risk, causing injuries from needles and scalpels that could lead to dangerous infection spread.
Where should clinical waste be stored?
Once filled to three quarters full, your clinical waste bag or rigid container should be stored in a designated locked room or cupboard out of the way of all patients, customers and staff who enter your practice. If your clinical waste is stored outside, we supply lockable external wheelie bins to keep your waste safe and secure from rodents and other pests. Correctly storing your clinical waste forms part of your statutory duty of care to safely manage the waste on your premises.
Who collects my clinical waste?
Your clinical waste is collected by our expert technicians, following waste regulations and local Coronavirus protocols to ensure safe and compliant disposal of your clinical waste. When your clinical waste collections take place, you will be provided with electronic waste management documentation, such as hazardous waste consignment notes and waste transfer notes, to keep you compliant with current waste legislation.